onsdag den 29. september 2010

Little Big Planet

I was very happy when I got to try LBP, but now it's just like any other game I have played, good but nothing special. You see, there isn't that much you can do in it. You can jump and grab, make your own levels, and play other people's levels. So what you need is a solid gameplay and nice graphics. Lucky it delivers. Or sorta, because the graphics doesn't seem that good, compaired to other ps3 games, like uncharted. But remember this is a 2.5D platformer. Oh yeah I forgot about that. This game plays like a normal platformer, but you can shift into the background. It takes some time to get used to the controls, mostly the jumping, but after you finish the main story you should be able to finish about every user made level. unless you suck. Anyways it's a game worth having at least, and the 2nd one is coming out, so that should be awesome too. But I hope that MM makes something new next time.
When we're on the subject, try out my levels: Giant Arse Wall of Graffiti, and Wheely's World. Please heart them too, and tell people about them. I want to get the last trophies so I can get platnium. PLEASE DO IT.

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