onsdag den 29. september 2010

Little Big Planet

I was very happy when I got to try LBP, but now it's just like any other game I have played, good but nothing special. You see, there isn't that much you can do in it. You can jump and grab, make your own levels, and play other people's levels. So what you need is a solid gameplay and nice graphics. Lucky it delivers. Or sorta, because the graphics doesn't seem that good, compaired to other ps3 games, like uncharted. But remember this is a 2.5D platformer. Oh yeah I forgot about that. This game plays like a normal platformer, but you can shift into the background. It takes some time to get used to the controls, mostly the jumping, but after you finish the main story you should be able to finish about every user made level. unless you suck. Anyways it's a game worth having at least, and the 2nd one is coming out, so that should be awesome too. But I hope that MM makes something new next time.
When we're on the subject, try out my levels: Giant Arse Wall of Graffiti, and Wheely's World. Please heart them too, and tell people about them. I want to get the last trophies so I can get platnium. PLEASE DO IT.

mandag den 20. september 2010

3D dots game heroes review

Because I was never into the original Zelda, I thought it would be a good idea to pick up this Zelda type game. I was right, it was a really good idea. If you know how the first Zelda is like you know how the gameplay is, and if you don't, you mustn't be a gamer. Anyways, there are alot of game references that I don't get, some from Final Fantasy, and some from Zelda and so on. It's kinda sad that I don't get it, because it would be the game much better, so that's really my own fault for not giving a crap about them. The game made me laugh alot at the stuff that I did get. So no problems there. The story is kinda like Zelda, where you go out and kill bosses in temples and get an orb and move on to the next one, where you do the same thing, and finaly go and kill the final boss (Who is fucking hard btw.) It uses alot of stuff from Zelda like the boomerang and the grappling hook, but it also has some original stuff like the magic spells. The world is big, and when you finish the game, you can replay it for new dialog and such. there is also an other ending I have heard, but I really didn't want to play the game again, simply because the game is 10-20 hours long if you wanna get all the stuff in the game. The editor tool yes. I didn't like it. I just wanted to play the game, not change my hero. Some people make like it, but I only used it to the a Trophy :)
So if you're not sure if the original Zelda is your game, pick this game up instead cause it really fun.

fredag den 17. september 2010

Playstation Move

The Move is out, and so far the reviews I have seen have been pretty positive. It has it faults, but because my wii is dead I might as well get the move. So yeah not much else to say, so yeah I drove home in rain, and my hands are like so bad like really.

søndag den 12. september 2010

Review - Dead Space

When I got this game I really wasn't expecting much because it's EA who we're talking about, but then I played it, and figured out that you can't judge a book by it's cover, eh game. But it was kinda slow, and it was only when I got further into the game that it became awesome! The game itself is kinda hard to talk about, simply because it's a 3rd person shooter, and really relying on it because that's all you do. Shoot run away because you lost all your ammo, and hit an enemy with your gun. But at times they do try to make you do some "puzzles" and by "puzzles" I mean: Insert X into Y, or throw X out of space AKA Y. So you see my point there isn't really much too it, but sometimes that makes the game good. And EA did a damn good job at doing just so. The only downside is that the story really doesn't interests me that much, but if I played it again to get the story, it might actually be good. But all I can say is "Dude is on spaceship, dude kill aliens, dude wants to find girl, dude finds girl, dude fucks girl." Or maybe not... but it would be awesome if that happened.