mandag den 14. februar 2011

last post

This is gonna be my last post. that's it goodbye.
if you come from somewhere, and you don't know who I am, here are some links.
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fredag den 7. januar 2011

10 Ten Games I Played In 2010

This was orginaly gonna be a video, but things got messy, so yeah.10. Dead Space is one of those games that you don't want to play for too long, but is this worth playing. If you like 3rd person shooters, get it. And it has aliens. Fuck yeah!9. 3D Dots Game Heroes, is a zelda clone. The end. Well that's what most people would say but it isn't a zelda clone, it's a tribute. So if you ever find yourself at the point where it kinda is like zelda, just think of circels.8. Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction is the first Ratchet & Clank game on the ps3, and the second Insomniac game on the Ps3. The game does have few gliches here and there, but it's not anything that breaks the game, but it does pull it down a little in the list. The graphics and sound are both very nice, and the story is still entertaining for all ages.7. Red Faction Guerrila. I want to tell a story related to this game. It all started when my buddy came over, and I showed him this game. Lucky for us we could start a save file, however when I had to save, I fucked it up, and saved over my own file where I was trying to get everything in the game. So I said " you know what? Fuck this, I am just gonna plow through the game now." And so I did. While that is said, smashing things with a big hammer is really awesome. Can be found on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC6. Little Big Planet
While many say that this is a most have game for the PS3, I didn't feel as attached as I thought I would. Build your own levels? Fucking awesome! 2D platformer? Fucking awesome! Lots of online levels to play? Fucking awesome. But while it was still I very good game, it didn't have that much you could really do. Walk, Jump, Grab. That's about it, and while you can download water, and a paintgun, it still seems like it was released to early. But a new game is coming out, and there are alot more to do, I can just tell you that already.
5. Brütal Legend
It's metal time! Let's all drive around and smash things with our giant axe of death! And now let's have RTS battles. Wut? Well okay, they are fun, but it has the Assassin's Creed syndrom, which is a game that has gameplay but just uses the same missons over and over again. It isn't as bad as these are somewhat fun. But buy it regardless, PS3 or Xbox 360 doesn't matter, Double Fine really needs your help if they want to become a big company.
4. GTA IV is the latest GTA game, if you don't count the DS and PSP old school throwback. This was gonna be the first place for me, if the next titles. I am one of the people who loved it to death. Many people get annoyed about the phonecalls, but when ever they come, I am rushing over to meet them, and see what things they have to say. The story is very entertaining, and the missons are amazing. While it takes awhile to get somewhere, it does show that Rockstar still can make games. PS3 and Xbox, and later PC3. Uncharted 2
I got this game with the ps3, and I most say, it's pretty awesome. But it wasn't for a while. I really liked the story and gameplay in singleplayer, and only gave multiplayer a try for a few matches, but then I started to play it a little again, and then BOOM I feel in love with the multiplayer. I am really happy that I went back to play it, cause I would have been missing out on alot of content.
2. Heavy Rain
Groundbreaking. All I really needed to say, but if you are still confused, just go out and play it yourself. This PS3 exclusive from the french company Quantic Dream really shows that games can still be inovative without getting GAY, I mean getting childish. I also got Playstation move features now, so there's more reason to play it again.
1. Fallout New Vegas
At first I feeled kinda sad to put this up here because I havn't finished it yet, but then I thought to myself, everyone who have finished it are missing alot of content. While I does have gliches here and there (Where the worst is that the game will freeze. I don't care for small bugs, unless it makes the game unplayable) I still thinks it deserves to be on the number 1 spot.

mandag den 20. december 2010

Games I am looking forward to in 2011

First off, Sly 4 is coming it seems. That's good.

List time:
Portal 2. I wonder how a full length Portal game will be. All I know is that I'm gonna die of laughing.
Duke Nukem Forever. Let's just hope it's gonna be good.
L.A. Noire. Rockstar, why do you keep amazing me?

Not many that should come out in 2011 that I am looking forward to, but still those are some.

fredag den 3. december 2010


I recently tought of what job I'm gonna get as an adult. Yeah wooo very exciting, a job, it ain't even game related, unless you wanna work in the game industry of course, but it's something we all gotta get anyways so why not talk about it.
 So I was wondering what job I would get. I was thinking of getting some lessons with camaras, video and movie production maybe. Or something about music. I don't really know what I should do there. I kinda want to sing, but I don't know if I'm that good. I don't know how to play notes either, so I would have to learn it, and omg that is so damn annoying. But yeah what job do you want, or what did you want if you have one now, and did you get it?

søndag den 14. november 2010

Top 5 games I would like to have an other sequel

So today I'm gonna do something a little bit diffrent. I don't want to overexplain it, so here goes random games I woukd like to have an other sequel.

1. Super Mario Land 2. Why two, well it's the best of them all, and I really liked the style of that game. So no more Wario, it's mario and him going to random lands.

2. Half Life 2. I know that Valve is making this game, but come on, it's been long enough, and we all know that your games are gonna be good no matter if they take 1 year or 5, is short or a online only, what ever, just make it pelase.

3. 3D dots game heroes. An other one I reviewed, but I still think it should have an other one. Why? Well you showed us that we could have a Zelda style game on a next gen consol, so why not make an other one? Maybe go into real 3D with this one, and use the new 3DTV that Sony has. Wouldn't that be kinda cool?

4. Super Mario RPG. I played this on my channel once, but never finished it, but what I played was fun. So get square enix to make an other mario RPG game, and get some more cash nintendo.

5.Sly Cooper. The new move title may be what will bring Sly back. And also has a HD remake now (Which I'm gonna get because I have only played the 3rd one, yeah kinda silly but what ever.) So hey, why not.

fredag den 29. oktober 2010

Half Life 2 Review

Half life 2 is one of my all time favorite games, so I felt that it would be a good idea to review it. But also because I'm running out of ps3 games very fast so yeah. Anyways, in this game you are Gordon Freeman, a scientist who also happens to be awesome at shooting stuff. Or that's how I feel like, so deal with my story ok. Anyways, the isn't really much story, but what it tells is pretty good. I don't think that was really the thing Valve focused on the most when making it. It's a very linear, but if you wanna get the lambda achievement you are gonna have to explore every single corner you can think of, so that's always good. Yes. And um, you shoot things, come on what else is there to say. Oh yeah "The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator Gun Thingy". Or the gravity gun as the call it in the game. N00bs. Without this, the game would be pretty bland. But hey, we have it, it's awesome. You pick up things and throw them at people. Yes, very awesome. Play the damn game, you will enjoy it.

torsdag den 21. oktober 2010


CHANGES CHANGES! I have decided to make some changes. From now on, the poll is not gonna be reviews, but what I am gonna talk about in my next blog post. I may be a review, but it is that is up to you. So today I am gonna make 3 things that you can choice from.