søndag den 14. november 2010

Top 5 games I would like to have an other sequel

So today I'm gonna do something a little bit diffrent. I don't want to overexplain it, so here goes random games I woukd like to have an other sequel.

1. Super Mario Land 2. Why two, well it's the best of them all, and I really liked the style of that game. So no more Wario, it's mario and him going to random lands.

2. Half Life 2. I know that Valve is making this game, but come on, it's been long enough, and we all know that your games are gonna be good no matter if they take 1 year or 5, is short or a online only, what ever, just make it pelase.

3. 3D dots game heroes. An other one I reviewed, but I still think it should have an other one. Why? Well you showed us that we could have a Zelda style game on a next gen consol, so why not make an other one? Maybe go into real 3D with this one, and use the new 3DTV that Sony has. Wouldn't that be kinda cool?

4. Super Mario RPG. I played this on my channel once, but never finished it, but what I played was fun. So get square enix to make an other mario RPG game, and get some more cash nintendo.

5.Sly Cooper. The new move title may be what will bring Sly back. And also has a HD remake now (Which I'm gonna get because I have only played the 3rd one, yeah kinda silly but what ever.) So hey, why not.

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