mandag den 18. oktober 2010

GTA IV Review

GTA IV is an other one of the reasons why I wanted a next gen consol, and am I happy that I did. It is amazing, really one of the best games I have ever played, the story, and graphics, the gameplay, but mostly the story. Never before have I seen such a well polished storyline, both side missons, and main missons. Niko (The Protagonist) has one of the most interesting backstories ever in a game. All the characters in the game are either likeable, hateful, funny, or annyoing in a way that I have never seen done before. If I sat in the room with you, and you skiped anything anyone in the game said, I would rape you, and then throw you out of the video. Every single word is like a poem, every single line that anyone says are fantastic, it's just amazing how much I came to care about everyone.

Without further ado, before I start to fuck the damn game disc,  I should move on to the bad bits. First: The damn cars appear out of nowhere. Now this wouldn't be a problem if it just did it while you where driving casualy, but if you look back, and then forward you might drive into someone. It's god damn annoying, so never look backwards in the car. Second: It is way too long. Now many think this is a good thing, but holy mother fucking shit was it long. I have not done everything yet, but I have played around 30 hours or even more. Takes alot of your damn time that's for sure. Thrid: It's too easy. Now everyone who have played a GTA game knows what you're going into. Death, cars and tits. The first one is the important one guys, keep you fucking head up. Anyways, the really made it way too easy, and every single damn thing is explained and it gets really boring at times. Lucky it's not like a giant ass tutorial, the is important things happening. A really really good thing is that you don't lose weapons when you die. This is really really helpful, however you can still if you get caugt by the cops, but that won't ever happen unless you want it to. If I had to write about everything you can do in the game, this review would be really really really really long. So I will keep it at this.

Now for some personal stuff. Some time ago, our cat ran away or couldn't find home or something. Lucky, this day someone found it, and it's now back. We are so happy about this that we don't know what to do. So if I ever said that, now you know it's back.

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